Bluetooth Asset Tracking Solutions

At Tagstra we offer Bluetooth asset tracking solutions that offer precise locating features. No dedicated readers are required. With automatic detection capabilities, all position updates can be accessed real-time.

Provide information on how assets move through a factory, where items are stored, historical movement data, automated inventory control and more.
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Business productivity application development services

Using technology to maximise your business productivity

Business productivity applications enable businesses have the tools to overcome challenges of executing on strategy, better manage day-to-day business operations, improve performance & efficiency, reduce costs and better serve your customers. Technologies that are driving productivity are also contributing to work-life balance by allowing the office workforce to work more remotely and flexibly.

Fully customised business solutions & application development services
We offer integrated, multi-platform application development services for organisations.
Whether you are looking to build a mobile app, web application, desktop application or an integrated solution – we can help. We offer customised services to cater your unique business needs.

We help ambitious organisations adapt
At Tagstra, our main focus is your success. Our goal is to make your life easier and more productive. Contact us to experience success!