Marzipan Australia

Brand strategy and identity creation.

Bringing a New Brand to Life

The Nutshell Marzipan Pty Ltd was challenged with launching their brand new product into an over-saturated market. We were tasked by The Nutshell Marzipan Pty Ltd to develop and implement a comprehensive brand positioning strategy, brand identity system and nomenclature system that would challenge the Marzipan market’s currently accepted views and practices.

In bringing this new brand to life, we explored brand strategy, mapping, positioning, identity, naming, visual identity, image mapping, brand vocabulary, architecture and marketing channels. The final deliverable of this exercise resulted in a comprehensive brand development report that presented a brand planning roadmap for digital success.

The challenge was to understand the needs and wants of our customer and his prospects and to develop a brand strategy and a brand communications strategy for our client in a way the results deliver the message clearly, confirm this new brand’s credibility, connect target prospects emotionally, motivate the buyer and build consumer loyalty. Our ultimate goal was to keep our client current in his chosen field, invent a brand which generates a revenue, and create a lasting positive impressions on his business.


The Result


Marzipan Australia have established their position in the market place as a professional and customer service focused business. Their brand identity truly relates to their audience and is reflected by the continuous growth of popularity as the Australia’s leading Marzipan supplier.

Furthermore the new brand has provided company the confidence to stand up and be counted in the over-saturated market whilst presenting an image of trust and premium to potential buyers. The development of branded communication strategies laid a platform for Marzipan Australia to establish a trustworthy and consistent image online, highlighting their point of difference.