Mobile Marketing with NFC Tags

NFC Marketing Solutions at Tagstra


NFC (short for Near Field Communications) is the latest technology to bridge the gap between online and offline media. In a nutshell, it is a wireless technology that enables smartphones to be tapped against an NFC hot spot in order to access information/perform specific function.

Mobile marketing with NFC offers seamless transactions as it only involves tapping an NFC enabled mobile device against a NFC hot spot (A tag / tag sticker that can be integrated into promotional materials). These tags can be programmed in a way to perform specific functions. Typical uses of NFC include take the user to a mobile web page for further information, file transfers, event check-in, contactless payment systems, wireless ticketing, coupon offers and grant access to contests or games etc.

The applications of NFC tags are limitless, and if you’re planning to take advantage of this exciting new technology, simple contact us on 1800 858 122 for an initial discussion or request a free, no obligation quotation.

Consumer Interactive Marketing + Connected Media

Connected Media transforms traditional media such as flyers, brochures, posters, magazines or packaging and makes them interactive by allowing the users to interact with their smartphones.
At Tagstra we offer a wide range of interactive marketing solutions for modern business.

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