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Our Bluetooth RTLS

While other technologies are being used for asset tracking, like RFID tags, barcodes, and GPS, if you are tracking assets indoors, GPS is quite ineffective and, if you need to track items across a larger area, then ultra-short-range solutions are inefficient.

We are a premier provider of real-time Asset Tracking Solutions. We offer real-time Bluetooth asset tracking solutions that offer precise locating features. With automatic detection capabilities, all position updates can be accessed real-time.

Provide managers and workers with information on how assets move through a factory, where items are stored, historical movement data, how assets move through a factory, asset dwell time, asset heatmaps, asset path analytics, queue times, real-time SMS & Email alerts, time taken to travel from A to B, asset arrival and departure reports, region/zone-based live dashboards, automated asset quantity tracking, stock alerts for assets, and a wide array of comprehensive set of features to manage your assets, manage tracking tags and alert rules. We can also arrange custom reports and functionalities as per your unique business needs.

An average RFID reader will cost between $1,000 and $5,000. Contact us to find out how you can minimise costs with our Bluetooth RTLS. No dedicated readers are required. With automatic detection capabilities, all asset position updates can be accessed real-time.

Keen to learn more about our platform? Simply contact us and we will contact you with information regarding our platform and subscription plans.  Depending on your tracking needs, you will be able to choose your RTLS subscription plan. Create a custom subscription based on your needs or choose from our three subscription plans.

You can also easily add staff tracking, telemetry data solutions, Bluetooth geofence solutions, and equipment monitoring solutions to your RTLS subscription.
Simply contact us and we will discuss your tracking requirements.




Shopper Insights and Venue Analytics

Shopper Insights and Venue Analytics
At Tagstra we offer a wide range of venue and shopper insights solutions.

Zone-based analytics for indoor and outdoor venues

Our solution allows you to define zones/regions within your venue, and gather dwell time and footfall analytics on a per-zone basis. We also offer a wide array of real-time insights.

Create a zone for each area of your store and understand how your customers are interacting with your location. Quickly identify store hot spots, dead areas and bottlenecks, find out how many customers spend how much time at specific points, zone movements, new visitor count, returning visitor count, heatmaps, what are the busiest days/times, real-time footfall, traffic patterns, footfall forecasting (by day/time/store zone) and more!

We do not rely on any WiFi infrastructure. So the running and maintenance cost for you will be substantially low.

Simply contact us to find out how we can assist you.

Asset and People Tracking Solutions

At Tagstra We offer a wide range of asset and people tracking solutions.

Below are a few use cases:

1) Real-time asset tracking
2) People access control, monitoring, movements tracking, attendance tracking solutions and employee time tracking for payroll
3 Monitoring solutions that can help elderly and people with cognitive disabilities to live independently in their homes
4) Patient tracking solutions to provide patients with the best possible care
5) Sports performance monitoring

Contact us with your requirement to learn more about how we can help you.

Location-based Marketing

Location-based Marketing Services at Tagstra

Location-based marketing, or localised marketing, is all about increasing your businesses visibility in the geographical area(s) you operate.

Location-based Services (LBS) are new form of marketing methods that integrate mobile advertising with different mobile technologies that use specific location information for delivering the right message to the right audience at the right place and time. It effectively allows you to target your online marketing efforts to people in the immediate vicinity of your business.

These applications allow businesses to announce special offers, sales promotions and give users alerts of nearby deals once they check-in.

Proximity Marketing & BLE Beacon Technology Solutions
At Tagstra we offer a wide range of app based and no app proximity marketing solutions. Please contact us to learn more about our beacon technology solutions.

We offer location-based advertising services that help drive customers into your local store and online retailers. As more consumers upgrade to smart phones, there is an enormous year-over-year growth in usage of these location-based services. Do you want to be able to notify your audience about your products, services or special offers?

Contact us to learn more about our location based advertising services.

Our other mobile marketing services

Our mobile marketing solutions supports a wide variety of mobile marketing areas, including Text messaging campaigns, Mobile videos, NFC marketing campaigns, QR code marketing and Native mobile apps. Learn More >>


Uncover highly relevant deals and events on the go!
Adsmote is the ultimate location-based solution for deals and events. Powered by Geofencing, BLE beacon technology, and data-driven learning algorithms, the Adsmote app can deliver the right ad to the right person at the right time. Visit