Shopper Insights and Venue Analytics

Shopper Insights and Venue Analytics
At Tagstra we offer a wide range of venue and shopper insights solutions.

Zone-based analytics for indoor and outdoor venues

Our solution allows you to define zones/regions within your venue, and gather dwell time and footfall analytics on a per-zone basis. We also offer a wide array of real-time insights.

Create a zone for each area of your store and understand how your customers are interacting with your location. Quickly identify store hot spots, dead areas and bottlenecks, find out how many customers spend how much time at specific points, zone movements, new visitor count, returning visitor count, heatmaps, what are the busiest days/times, real-time footfall, traffic patterns, footfall forecasting (by day/time/store zone) and more!

We do not rely on any WiFi infrastructure. So the running and maintenance cost for you will be substantially low.

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Asset and People Tracking Solutions

At Tagstra We offer a wide range of asset and people tracking solutions.

Below are a few use cases:

1) Real-time asset tracking
2) People access control, monitoring, movements tracking, attendance tracking solutions and employee time tracking for payroll
3 Monitoring solutions that can help elderly and people with cognitive disabilities to live independently in their homes
4) Patient tracking solutions to provide patients with the best possible care
5) Sports performance monitoring

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Bluetooth Asset Tracking Solutions

At Tagstra we offer Bluetooth asset tracking solutions that offer precise locating features. No dedicated readers are required. With automatic detection capabilities, all position updates can be accessed real-time.

Provide information on how assets move through a factory, where items are stored, historical movement data, automated inventory control and more.
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Bluetooth Proximity Marketing Services

Marketing strategies have certainly evolved over the years. Companies have begun to focus on something new called Bluetooth proximity marketing. At Tagstra we offer a wide range of proximity marketing services. More and more companies are now starting to adopt Bluetooth based proximity marketing services due to following reasons:

1) Power Consumption of BLE beacons: Low
2) Power Source: Internal
3) Maintenance cost: Low
4) Deployment cost: Low
5) Scalability: High

We also offer Bluetooth based asset tracking and indoor navigation solutions as well.

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Responsive website design

Responsive Web Solutions Sydney

Responsive Web Solutions Sydney

What is responsive website design?

Responsive website design is an approach to website creation aimed at developing websites to provide an optimal interaction and viewing experience to the user by dynamically changing the appearance of a website, depending on the screen size and orientation of the device being used to access it.

One site fits all

The content of responsive websites moves freely across all screen resolutions and all devices and site content automatically adjusts to the screen of the device. This provides the best experience to the user across many devices and screen sizes – irrespective of whether they use a desktop computer, a smartphone, a tablet or a smart-TV. Having a responsive website means one site for all devices. This eliminates expenses to maintain another website for mobile and other devices.

Increase conversion rates

Great interaction and viewing experience to the user means they are more likely to engage with you than going to your competitor’s website. This can increase your lead generation, sales and conversion rates.

Improved search engine rankings

Google is focusing on the user experience and returns search results that will enhance user experience, so websites that do provide a better user experience across multiple devices will take priority in mobile search results over others.

A must have
Web traffic originating from handheld devices is increasing as more and more people get used to modern handheld devices. In the future, the vast majority of visitors to your business website will be on a mobile device. Therefore, a responsive website is no longer a luxury, it’s a must have.

Responsive website design & development services
At Tagstra we create cross-browser and multi-device compatible responsive websites. If you are serious about your web solution success, we can get you there. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

Free, no obligation quotation
Are you looking for professional web design and development services? Is your website out-dated, or do you think it needs a website redesign or a website revamp?
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Mobile Marketing with NFC Tags

NFC Marketing Solutions at Tagstra


NFC (short for Near Field Communications) is the latest technology to bridge the gap between online and offline media. In a nutshell, it is a wireless technology that enables smartphones to be tapped against an NFC hot spot in order to access information/perform specific function.

Mobile marketing with NFC offers seamless transactions as it only involves tapping an NFC enabled mobile device against a NFC hot spot (A tag / tag sticker that can be integrated into promotional materials). These tags can be programmed in a way to perform specific functions. Typical uses of NFC include take the user to a mobile web page for further information, file transfers, event check-in, contactless payment systems, wireless ticketing, coupon offers and grant access to contests or games etc.

The applications of NFC tags are limitless, and if you’re planning to take advantage of this exciting new technology, simple contact us on 1800 858 122 for an initial discussion or request a free, no obligation quotation.

Consumer Interactive Marketing + Connected Media

Connected Media transforms traditional media such as flyers, brochures, posters, magazines or packaging and makes them interactive by allowing the users to interact with their smartphones.
At Tagstra we offer a wide range of interactive marketing solutions for modern business.

QR Code Marketing Solutions >>
Mobile Marketing Solutions >>
Mobile / Wearable App Development >>

It’s time to get ready for sizzling summer marketing campaigns & promotions


Spring is officially here in Australia and festive season is only a few months away.

The holiday season is almost always the most profitable time of year for both online and brick-and-mortar stores, so getting ready for the holiday season is something every business has to do well in advance. So, yes, it’s a very important time for your brand and now it’s time to plan all your marketing campaigns and promotions for the holiday season.

Whether you are looking to attract new customers, improve experiences of your existing customers, try new marketing tactics or improve your brand image – we can help you reach your core demographic through an optimised strategy.

We offer a wide range of strategy development, marketing, design, application development and technology solutions. View our services >>

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Location-based Marketing

Location-based Marketing Services at Tagstra

Location-based marketing, or localised marketing, is all about increasing your businesses visibility in the geographical area(s) you operate.

Location-based Services (LBS) are new form of marketing methods that integrate mobile advertising with different mobile technologies that use specific location information for delivering the right message to the right audience at the right place and time. It effectively allows you to target your online marketing efforts to people in the immediate vicinity of your business.

These applications allow businesses to announce special offers, sales promotions and give users alerts of nearby deals once they check-in.

Proximity Marketing & BLE Beacon Technology Solutions
At Tagstra we offer a wide range of app based and no app proximity marketing solutions. Please contact us to learn more about our beacon technology solutions.

We offer location-based advertising services that help drive customers into your local store and online retailers. As more consumers upgrade to smart phones, there is an enormous year-over-year growth in usage of these location-based services. Do you want to be able to notify your audience about your products, services or special offers?

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Our other mobile marketing services

Our mobile marketing solutions supports a wide variety of mobile marketing areas, including Text messaging campaigns, Mobile videos, NFC marketing campaigns, QR code marketing and Native mobile apps. Learn More >>

Software Integration and Customisation Services at Tagstra

To get the most out of your business information systems, it is essential to implement a collaborative environment to create a single company-wide information network.

We help organisations integrate their business information systems together to run more efficiently. We plan, organise, and manage resources needed to successfully complete your specific project goals and objectives.
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