Shopper Insights and Venue Analytics

Shopper Insights and Venue Analytics
At Tagstra we offer a wide range of venue and shopper insights solutions.

Zone-based analytics for indoor and outdoor venues

Our solution allows you to define zones/regions within your venue, and gather dwell time and footfall analytics on a per-zone basis. We also offer a wide array of real-time insights.

Create a zone for each area of your store and understand how your customers are interacting with your location. Quickly identify store hot spots, dead areas and bottlenecks, find out how many customers spend how much time at specific points, zone movements, new visitor count, returning visitor count, heatmaps, what are the busiest days/times, real-time footfall, traffic patterns, footfall forecasting (by day/time/store zone) and more!

We do not rely on any WiFi infrastructure. So the running and maintenance cost for you will be substantially low.

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Asset and People Tracking Solutions

At Tagstra We offer a wide range of asset and people tracking solutions.

Below are a few use cases:

1) Real-time asset tracking
2) People access control, monitoring, movements tracking, attendance tracking solutions and employee time tracking for payroll
3 Monitoring solutions that can help elderly and people with cognitive disabilities to live independently in their homes
4) Patient tracking solutions to provide patients with the best possible care
5) Sports performance monitoring

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