Location-based Marketing

Location-based Marketing Services at Tagstra

Location-based marketing, or localised marketing, is all about increasing your businesses visibility in the geographical area(s) you operate.

Location-based Services (LBS) are new form of marketing methods that integrate mobile advertising with different mobile technologies that use specific location information for delivering the right message to the right audience at the right place and time. It effectively allows you to target your online marketing efforts to people in the immediate vicinity of your business.

These applications allow businesses to announce special offers, sales promotions and give users alerts of nearby deals once they check-in.

Proximity Marketing & BLE Beacon Technology Solutions
At Tagstra we offer a wide range of app based and no app proximity marketing solutions. Please contact us to learn more about our beacon technology solutions.

We offer location-based advertising services that help drive customers into your local store and online retailers. As more consumers upgrade to smart phones, there is an enormous year-over-year growth in usage of these location-based services. Do you want to be able to notify your audience about your products, services or special offers?

Contact us to learn more about our location based advertising services.

Our other mobile marketing services

Our mobile marketing solutions supports a wide variety of mobile marketing areas, including Text messaging campaigns, Mobile videos, NFC marketing campaigns, QR code marketing and Native mobile apps. Learn More >>


Uncover highly relevant deals and events on the go!
Adsmote is the ultimate location-based solution for deals and events. Powered by Geofencing, BLE beacon technology, and data-driven learning algorithms, the Adsmote app can deliver the right ad to the right person at the right time. Visit https://www.adsmote.com.au/

Software Integration and Customisation Services at Tagstra

To get the most out of your business information systems, it is essential to implement a collaborative environment to create a single company-wide information network.

We help organisations integrate their business information systems together to run more efficiently. We plan, organise, and manage resources needed to successfully complete your specific project goals and objectives.
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Business productivity application development services

Using technology to maximise your business productivity

Business productivity applications enable businesses have the tools to overcome challenges of executing on strategy, better manage day-to-day business operations, improve performance & efficiency, reduce costs and better serve your customers. Technologies that are driving productivity are also contributing to work-life balance by allowing the office workforce to work more remotely and flexibly.

Fully customised business solutions & application development services
We offer integrated, multi-platform application development services for organisations.
Whether you are looking to build a mobile app, web application, desktop application or an integrated solution – we can help. We offer customised services to cater your unique business needs.

We help ambitious organisations adapt
At Tagstra, our main focus is your success. Our goal is to make your life easier and more productive. Contact us to experience success!