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Quick Response (QR) Code Campaigns }

QR codes are fast becoming a powerful marketing tool by acting as an interface between the digital and the physical world. Essentially, this will link people directly to relevant content efficiently and significantly shorten the sales cycle.

Tagstra offers QR Code consulting services, fully managed custom QR Code marketing campaigns, QR Code driven business process automation solutions and web based QR Code generation/ decoding systems for retail/ manufacturing/ production systems.

We provide from simpler designer high-resolution QR Codes to custom designed high-resolution QR Codes (by changing the colour of the QR Code or adding a your brand mark or other imagery). Talk to us about your next QR Code campaign to see how we can assist you with custom QR Code generation, scheduling and campaign tracking systems into your businesses IT infrastructure.

What are QR Codes?

QR Codes are similar to the standard barcodes, except QR codes can contain much more information than traditional barcodes. Unlike the standard barcodes, QR Codes are two-dimensional symbols, data are encoded in both the height and width of the code, hence the amount of data that can be contained in a single QR Code is significantly higher than that stored in a standard barcode.

Apart form that, there are several other advantages of using QR Codes over standard barcodes. Some of the plus points are : durability, better error correction capacity, quick responses and it can be read anytime, anywhere with a smartphone.

There is no excuse for not using new technologies to operate your business more effectively & efficiently. Contact us to find out what you need to do to get QR Codes working for you today.

How do QR Codes make sense for your business?

  • To collect sales leads?
  • To enhance the experience of existing customers?
  • To offer discounts, promotions or special offers?
  • Use in automated manufacturing/ production systems
  • To offer additional content, guidance or educational purposes?
  • Just for advertising purposes?

Our plan to test QR Codes in your business

There are endless marketing opportunities for the use of QR Codes. We provide QR Code marketing, system development and process automation solutions for all industries - Retail, Professional, Hospitality, Motor Trade, Farming, Food & Beverage, Food & Beverage, Hair & Beauty, fashion etc.

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Designer QR Codes

At Tagstra, we provide custom designed QR Codes as per your unique business requirement. We are capable of delivering high-resolution custom QR Codes - Coloured QR Codes, Your brandmark embedded QR Codes, QR Codes in different shapes - Example: If you are in the real estate industry we could deliver your QR Codes as a shape of a house.

We deliver stunning, customised and unique QR Codes which often stand out from your competitors. Contact us to learn more.

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High Resolution QR Codes

We take the pride in delivering high resolution print quality QR Code development services to Australia.

We have the technology to create from the smallest QR Codes to massive high-resolution QR Codes that could be placed on gigantic billboards.

We can generate up to 36 square metre (6m X 6m) high resolution print quality QR Codes. Our QR codes are clear and error free. Guaranteed readability.

Custom QR Code Applications

Did you know that these 2D codes can be efficiently used in business process management & automation systems?

The following are few examples of possible QR Code applications.

  • QR Code driven stationery order system
  • QR Code driven product identification system
  • QR Code driven process control system
  • QR Code driven automated manufacturing

The applications of QR codes are limitless. At Tagstra, We develop custom QR Code applications to suite your unique business requirement. Contact us to learn more.

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